Inspire You Entertainment is a production company specializing in Christian films. We strive to make a difference in the world by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through entertainment.   Our mission is to produce films with cinematic excellence encompassing messages of hope, love and redemption. The word “inspire” has two root components, “in” which means “into” and “spirare” which means “to breathe”. Literally speaking, to inspire means to breathe life into a person. Inspire You Entertainment aims to do just that.

Movies are one of the most powerful cultural influences in America. The way we spend our time impacts our heart, mind and spirit. Philippians 4:8 tells us that we should fill our minds with things that are good and uplifting. Christian entertainment provides an opportunity to do just that and it is safe for the entire family. We live in a world where people are hurting and looking for hope. That hope can only be found in a relationship with Christ. Faith-based films serve as an evangelism tool that Christians can utilize to witness to non-believers in a comfortable social setting.

We have a faithful community of followers and hope that you will join us for our weekly “Be Inspired” Devotionals and consider participating in our Prayer Wall. We believe that Christian entertainment should be a priority in all families.  We hope that you will support the film industry and help send a clear message to Hollywood that more Christian movies are desired and needed.

Linda Flannery

A Christian, wife and mother to six children, Linda is the CEO and Executive Producer of Inspire You Entertainment. Born in Texas into a military family, she lived all over the states but, now calls Charleston,  South Carolina home. She graduated from the University of Maryland and had a career as a Senior-Level Manager with IBM before serving as Vice President for a successful technology company. After acquiring an original screenplay, written for women – by women, she applied her business expertise and creativity toward producing the feature film, Only God Can. Managing every stage of the film making process, including distribution, she gained invaluable insight and developed a passion for producing films with eternal value. Through her personal testimony and life experiences, she desires to glorify God with the gifts he has given her. 

Tesha McKinley

Charismatic and poised, Tesha is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Inspire You Entertainment. Her education, experience and passion have enabled her to implement and manage successful campaigns in event planning, marketing,  fundraising, brand management, community relations initiatives, social media marketing, and non-profit organization development. A Christian for more than half of her life, Tesha seeks to inspire others in their faith-walk. Her public speaking engagements have included women’s retreats, women’s bible study groups, and technical colleges. Her love for the entertainment industry and social media marketing has motivated her to create relevant uplifting content to encourage others. She is a self-professed Southern Belle who loves God, her friends and family, acting, and anything tea related.